Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A perfect life

A recent conversation about the future prompted me to reconsider my definition of success. I still want to create a product that improves the lives of millions of people and earns me millions. However, I don't need that level of success to support my ideal lifestyle. I require only four things:

Wife and kids
My life won't be complete without a mate to share my life with and children to teach and learn from.
Work I love
I need to spend my working hours doing something I enjoy for a purpose I believe in. Doing otherwise would be a waste of my precious time.
Three day work week
My wife and I need to be able to support our family's lifestyle working only 8 hours per day three days per week. That way, at least one of us will be home with the children every day. Until all of my children enter school, I want to spend more than half of my time with them. There's no more valuable gift I can give my children than my time and attention.
Ability to relocate
I want to move my family to a new area every two years. My own family's frequent relocations gave me a broader perspective on life and helped me develop my independence. I want to bestow the same benefits on my children. Also, I love to live in new places.
No commute
I refuse to waste hours of my life every week driving or riding to an office. Either I'll work close to home or I'll work at home.

I was surprised when I realized that this was all I needed from my life. I feel like I have more freedom in constructing my life than I had.