Saturday, December 5, 2009

Playing with SVG and Javascript

As a fan of ActionScript 3, Flash's vector-drawing scripting language, I've always been interested in the SVG standard. However, now that it's actually available to most of the web-browsing population, I have an excuse to learn more about it. I had stopped programming in AS3 because of the closed nature of the platform, its instability on Linux, and my inability to develop AS3 on Linux. However, I can now play with vector-drawing once again, thanks to the widespread adoption of SVG.

Anyway, this post is just a heads-up: I'm fiddling with SVG-scripting with Javascript, and I plan to write a tutorial about it soon. Thus far, I haven't found a basic tutorial on integrating HTML, SVG, and Javasript, and I hope my tutorial will remedy this perceived shortage. Of course, the tutorial is really just an excuse to play with Javascript and SVG, but I will continue to delude myself with words of altruism and selflessness. Helping people, that's what I'm doing...