Sunday, May 30, 2010

Porting OpenInkpot: the Hanlin V3

Ten days ago, I received device that will monopolize my summer: the Hanlin V3. The performance of this e-reader — or rather the lack thereof — is the primary motivation for my project. According to the OpenInkpot community, this device has a slow processor and little memory. My project's goal is to reduce the memory footprint of OpenInkpot in order to improve its performance on devices like the V3. I decided to purchase the V3 to better empathize with the benefactors of my project and to help motivate myself. If I want a faster e-reader OS, I must build one for myself!

I'd like to write about the V3 soon, but I haven't used it enough to make a fair assessment. Thus far, it appears that the device deserves its reputation for sluggishness; however, I won't speculate on the source of the poor performance. I'll write more later.