Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Where I have been

I haven't written an entry on this blog for about a month and a half. I stopped posting because I was unsatisfied with the quality of my entries. In a word, they sucked.

I realized this after listening to 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!, Merlin Mann's and John Gruber's talk at the SxSW Interactive conference. Their advice to aspiring writers is simple: write well about topics which interest you.

Before now, I was putting frequency before quality, partially due to a foolish commitment to write one blog post a week during this year. I was writing pointless updates because I didn't have the time to create anything meaningful. Now I know that was a mistake. I am not a blogger; I'm a college student who enjoys writing.

Of course, this isn't the end of Welcome to Obscurity; it's the end of the shallow updates that have composed most of this blog's content for the last year. I will be writing infrequent, in-depth, polished entries about things about which I care.

Other news

Although I haven't been updating this blog lately, I have been blogging elsewhere. I started Life at the U to share my college experience with my family. It's been a huge hit within my social circle, so I've been updating frequently, sometimes multiple times per day.