Monday, January 26, 2009

I consider myself a blogger, so I feel entitled to recommend services I've found useful to my reader(s). The other day, I was trying to embed a video file in a Power Point presentation, but the file was in the wrong format: .avi. I looked around for a free video conversion program, but most looked really shady and full of spyware. On a whim, I searched "online video converter" and stumbled across Media Converter.

Media Converter is a free online tool that lets you upload a video from your hard drive or off the internet, convert it to the format of your choice, and download it to your computer free, without registering. It worked perfectly for my short video, and it didn't take very long, either. I would highly recommend this site to anybody who doesn't want to take a chance on a shady freeware video converter or doesn't have the computer muscle to convert a video. Try it out for yourself at