Saturday, January 10, 2009

Python Impressions

Why on earth would you care what I think about Python? I mean, really, what can I say about it that someone else hasn't? I'm not the most experienced programmer, so I can't give you an exhaustive analysis, and I'm not clueless about programming, so I can't tell you what it's like to learn programming from Python.

So, instead of giving an outstanding take on Python, I'll give you just a normal programmer's opinion. I'm not remarkable in the world of programming, so my opinion will probably be closer to yours than some coding luminary's. So here it is, Python through the eyes of a smalltime Javascript, ActionScript 3, PHP programmer. Please note, I just started writing Python a couple of days ago, so this evaluation will not be exhaustive.

However, even in that short time, I've noticed a couple things. First of all, I got a whole lot done. Even in the brief time that I've actually been writing scripts with Python, I've managed to replace a sizable amount of PHP code. I've almost finished writing an object-oriented Python include scheme for my websites.

I was going to put a paragraph here about how Python doesn't support private methods and variables, but then I googled "Python private methods" and found out how to make your methods private. You just need to add two underscores before the name of the method. I'm glad that I don't have to leave my programs' private parts exposed, but I'm disappointed that I had to backspace my eloquent and somewhat insinuating "No private methods" rant.

This topic will probably come back up later, when I have more of an opinion on Python. For now, I'm feeling a little too ignorant to continue.